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CRYOPRO is CLOSING at the end of 2023!
After 27 years, I am going to retire.
Cryopro LLC and is for sale.
My last scheduled Cryo run will be 12/22/2023.


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Our patented deep cryogenic tempering process increses the durability and performance of all types of products on all types of materials.  Depending on the metals we have to work with, we can increase the life of tooling and wearable items by 200-400%.  

Our process tempers the entire thickness of the item, so even after repeated sharpening, the increased life continues for the life of the part.  Customers also see reduced replacement tooling expense and less labor costs.  Motorist who use our Cryo'd brake rotors get much longer life and reduced risk of rotor warping and cracking.  Other benefits include easier cleaning, corrosion reduction and improved strength.  Metal is less brittle, stronger and much more durable than before. Tools can be Cryo'd when new or dull. Cryo'd tools are actually easier to re-sharpen because 50% less material is removed each time, so the tool can be re-sharpened twice as many times. If the tool is re-sharpened after being Cryo'd, it will cut much longer. Our process permanently alters the entire thickness of the metal, not just the surface. The entire process takes 3 to 7 days. We have a reputation of offering great service at a great price.  Our Satisfaction Guarantee Policy assures every customer that the service we perform is done right the first time to your satisfaction. 

                  If you have questions please feel free to call David at (417) 595-4425 



 Cryopro started selling Cryogenically Tempered shaving razors in 2002. razors look just like the store bought razors.  The razors are Cryo'd in the package.  Our Cryogenic Tempering Process increases the life by 300%. If you normally get 7 shaves per cartridge, cartridges will last you 28 shaves.  Saving you hundreds of dollars per year.     



Cryogenic Tempering Processing Center

Cryopro has been in business since 1996. We service individual customers as well as fortune 500 companies.  We manufacture our own processing equipment.  We can handle truck load orders as well as a single lawn mower blade. We strive to be the lowest cost Cryogenic processor, if not let us know.  Our minimum charge is only $10.