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  What is Cryogenic Tempering

  Cryo Accurizing of Gun Barrels







                                      ACCURIZING by CRYOPRO
A computer controlled scientific dry process which relieves stress in firearm barrels. Stresses cause a barrel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing. This warping causes a stringing, walking or wandering effect in the shot group. After the Deep Cryogenic Tempering process, the barrel will no longer bend or warp. The end result is a firearm barrel with proven, increased performance (both improved accuracy and extended barrel life). 

Cryogenic Processing for Gun Barrels

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the best method to ship to you? 

As long as the trigger assembly is removed you will be shipping a "GUN PART".  So you can ship via UPS or USPS Priority Mail.  UPS includes $100 insurance with each package, USPS does not.  A FFL is not required to ship gun parts.  The US Postal Service has triangle tubes for Priority Mail and Express Shipping. There are 2 sizes; the smaller (0-1098S) is just the right size for a Mini-14 rifle barrel with plenty of room for packing. 

Since we normally start our processing on Fridays, there is no need to pay extra for expedited delivery to get it delivered earlier in the week. Click HERE to print a shipping label and fill out the contact information on the top of the page and enclose this information inside with your barrel. Do NOT use Duct Tape to tape any of the packaging.  We Cryo the parts in the package as received, Duct Tape becomes very sticky and messy after the Cryo processWe recommend using towels and rubber bands or string instead of tape to wrap barrel in.

You can pay by check or credit card over the phone or include your email address for PayPal. (DO NOT send any credit card information with order).  If paying by check, be sure to include the return shipping and insurance costs.  For return shipping, weigh and measure your shipping package and goto either or for shipping estimate.  Be sure to add the additional insurance if desired.  Payments will show up as GREATRAZORS on your credit card statement.

Barrel prices are as follows:

  • Pistol - $25.00  
  • Rifle - $35.00
  • Shotgun - $35.00
  • 50 Cal - $45.00.

There is no extra charge for the receiver, bolt, sight bases or gun parts that are attached to the barrel.


Allow 1 to 2 weeks for processing.  We normally run our processing over the weekend.  Depending on current order volume, it could take as little as three days and up to 2 weeks. Call (417) 595-4425 for more information on the exact processing time needed.

The barrel should be removed from the stock and cleaned and oiled well. Muzzle breaks are not a problem and can be treated with the barrel.  Remove any plastic or glass sights and scopes. Mounts are ok.

  • Does the process help Stainless Steel barrels as well as Blue (Chrome Moly)?

YES - The Deep Cryogenic Process will relieve the stress in all types of steel.

  • Does the freezing process affect the cleaning of the barrel?

YES - You will notice that it stays cleaner and cleans in half the time.

  • Should I treat the blank or finished barrel?

Both can be treated for different reasons. The blank or round is treated for the benefit of the gunsmith because it improves the machineability and dimensional stability. The finished barrel of course is treated for the benefit of the shooter because of the stress relief and wear resistance.

  • Will the cryogenic process affect the barrel finish?

NO - the process will not affect the barrel finish (blue, Parkerized, Teflon, etc.)

  • Is the stress relief permanent?

YES - the stress relief is a permanent, one-time, irreversible process.

Editiorial - Precision Shooting - March 1995

Barrel Freezing PS columnist Geza Nagy first mentioned the idea of barrel freezing in our December, 1994 issue... wherein he described a barrel that was shooting in decidedly mediocre fashion for 500 rounds or so... at which point it was removed from the rifle... "frozen"... and suddenly it began shooting like the proverbial hammers of hell. Geza is a dispassionate writer by nature, and not at all inclined to go off on emotional tangents, or following the little red wagons of life. We contacted the company.. and persuaded their president to author an article for us, explaining just what the heck their process entailed. That article appears in this (March) issue. Now, flash forward to January 31st, and the plot commences to thicken... at a remarkable rate... when Merrill Martin called us. For some reason, Merrill was speaking at what was just about a (conspiratorial) whisper. (Is it possible that he is being held for ransom, and he has somehow gotten to a phone?) "Uh... David... that Gena Nagy report about rifle barrel freezing in the December issue... it... uh... was of some interest to me... so I sent a couple of barrels off to them". "Okay, Merrill. So...?" (Dammit, now he's got me whispering as well...). "Uh... David... I've now had six barrels treated by them... and every confounded one of them has shot better... some much better... after the treatment. These were not new barrels... each and every one of them, I knew quite well exactly what it was... or was not... capable of. What the treatment did to a couple of previously ho-hum rimfire barrels was just about amazing". Before Merrill rung off (still whispering), I had promised... on mother's grave... that the new barrel that Jim Borden was about to install on my Hickory Egg Shoot gun rifle would go off (for processing) .. immediately. I called the company president to tell him that the barrel was coming... and he remarked that all the sudden... rifle barrels were coming through the door like there was no tomorrow.

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