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  What is Cryogenic Tempering

  Cryo Accurizing of Gun Barrels







Cryogenic Processing of Engines and Parts

Our Cryogenic Tempering process increases the life and durability of engines by 200 to 400%.  Industrial engine builders have found that by installing Cryogenically Tempered valves on natural gas engines, the valves went from lasting 2,800 hours and requiring valve ajustments every 3 weeks to now lasting 12,960 hours. They will only build these engines with Cryogenically Tempered valves.
Mini tractor pullers have had a problem with breaking the rear axles on their Cub Cadet lawn tractors. Now with Cryogenically Tempered axles, they do not have to upgrade the rear end. 
Here is why the racers do it:
Drag Racer:
"We ran more than 40 races for the 1991 season between lower engine tear down. Before Cryo-Processing, we had to tear down after every six to seven events" (National auto racer)

Stock Car Racer:
We cryogenically treated a small block Chevrolet in 1994, which was run at 8000-8500 RPM for the entire season with no breakage. Normal cylinder wear would be expected to be at 2-3 thousandths. The motor showed less than 1/4 of one thousadth of wear. As amatter of course, we generally go through the motors after 1000-1200 laps. When we tore this engine down at that point, the bearings were perfect and the crank looked like the day I installed it new. At the end of the season, Hixso removed all the parts and measured everything. Most of the parts showed very little wear, much less than we would have expected. (Butch Hixon, a well known engine builder in IL.)

Go Carts:
Another advantage is increased horsepower and torque. We dyno tested both a cryo treated and a non treated Yamaha KT100 2-cycle racing engine. They found a significant gain in the cryo-treated engine in both horsepower and torque (see chart below) (Fox Valley Kart Shop)

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